Inspired by the Phoenicians, an ancient population that originated in the Levant region (an area around today’s Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and most of Turkey) in 1100 BC, PHOENX aims to enrich a new generation of conscious travellers with truly sustainable travel products.

But why do we resonate with the Phoenicians and how do they connect with what we are doing?


They were the first travellers to sail the sea, guided by the stars

Travelling allows us to discover different cultures, to experience different ways of living and to understand differences in behaviour, norms and priorities. It helps us to widen our horizon, to discover hidden places and start seeing the world with different eyes. By being the first to travel the seas, the Phoenicians paved the way for today’s travel experiences and should be our role model when it comes to curiosity and fascination of undiscovered places.

We define ourselves as the “modern generation of conscious travellers” – i.e. a generation guided by the curiosity of the Phoenicians that strives towards discovering the beauty of our planet while preserving its treasures for future generations. We aim to connect with various people from different places. We strive towards experiencing their way of living, to taste their local dishes and to smell their local odours. We aim to expand our knowledge about what this beautiful planet has to offer.

Travelling is our passion.


They invented the alphabet as we know it today

We believe that communication is the first step to understand each other. It is crucial to meet new people, to explore new cultures and to discover hidden places. It is the basis of sharing ideas, expressing your feelings or to really get down to cultural fundamentals. By transforming a multi-directional writing system to a regulated horizontal, right-to-left script, the Phoenicians formed the basis of today’s way to communicate and set the scene for cross-cultural exchange.

However, there is more than just language to communicate. We perceive that the beauty of objects can clearly convey any message between people. It is about shapes, colours, angles or reflections that have the ability to tell different stories depending on the scenery. We think that tiny details matter, that design can clearly communicate preferences or attitudes and that simple products have the ability to transform into your individual statement.

Design is our language.


They believed in a mythological creature that is reborn from its ashes

The Phoenix, a creature that is reborn from its ashes, is the basis for what we are standing for. For us, it is the allegory for “circularity” in its purest form and builds the foundation of living in harmony with our planet. The Phoenix is our guiding principle when designing new products, as we constantly aim to rethink traditional materials, production techniques as well as shipping and after sales services. We aim to use recycled materials wherever possible. We try to keep all further materials in its purest form (i.e. not mixing materials) to ensure their full recyclability. We emphasise modularity by allowing customers to easily replace core components in case they like to customise or repair the product.

It is the Phoenix that inspired us for choosing our name, as it is our responsibility to take an active role in ending the current cycle of consumerism. It is time to settle down in harmony with nature and to adjust our behaviour accordingly. Still, we strongly believe that this change in behaviour should not require us to change the way we live. It should make us rethink existing products and production techniques and to make use of existing capabilities in order to keep walking our way forward – but towards a more sustainable direction.

Sustainability is our passion.


All PHOENX products are invented by travellers for travellers while following our three principles of travelling, design and sustainability. They are designed to stand out from the crowd. They are engineered to maximise capacity and to elevate comfort. They are produced to express the love for our planet.


We are PHOENX – a collective of people, creatives and visionaries, expressing our passion for design and dedication to our planet through our work. We design travel fashion products with our sustainability commitment at our heart by integrating consciously sourced materials into an everlasting circle. We aim to maximise our impact by empowering social enterprises, endorsing local creatives and raising awareness for sustainable activities through meaningful collaborations.


PHOENX envisions to end the conventional cycle of consumerism. By placing the circular economy concept at the core of our brand, we aim to meet our “zero waste” commitment. We continuously strive for innovations in production techniques and material compositions to improve our quality and to reduce our environmental impact. We believe it is our responsibility to protect our blue planet and to live in harmony with nature.


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