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      We’d rather take this extra dress than a suitcase full of air.

      With its vacuum function, PRIVO allows you to carry your clothes in the most convenient and space-saving way. By vacuuming large items (e.g. jackets or jumpers), your laundry or wet clothes (e.g. swimming suit), PRIVO maximises storage to take that extra outfit.

      How does it work? Put your clothes inside, close the Velcro, open the screw cap and roll the bag to release the air. Once the air is out, close the screw cap and place your PRIVO inside your suitcase. Ready to go.

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      Dimensions: 52cm x 35.8cm x 10cm
      Capacity: 6 litres
      Weight: 150 g
      Materials: 100% recycled PET
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The innovative vacuum bag

Designed for
optimised comfort.

Produced with
our planet in mind.